DOLCE VITA on the "Bergstrasse"

The "Old Barn Cottage" is a place to unwind, whether after a busy business day or in the best weeks of the year on vacation.

During the transit in 1764, Emperor Josef II already raved about "Germany starting to become Italy". The mountain road is known for its mild climate with the same average values ​​as on the northern Italian lakes. In addition to its around 30 castles and palaces as a figurehead of the region, a lot of Italian flair is offered. The medieval marketplaces, parks and gardens invite you to "calm down".

Today's Old Barn Cottage was built in 2000. Converted into a holiday or business cottage in 2019. Because Zwingenberg is on a slope, the farmers used to have their barns in the valley, in the "Scheuergasse". Later, when the barns fell into disrepair and were abandoned, the city of Zwingenberg decided to rebuild the "Scheuergasse". The house fronts were only allowed to be built on 1-2 floors with quarry stone or half-timbered fronts. The result was a wonderful street with many beautiful houses. On the outside, the Old Barn Cottage is a one and a half story house, on the inside a real space miracle on seven staggered, open levels.

The entrance leads right into the kitchen and on ground floor. Downwords from here, two half levels lead down to the bathroom, guest toilet and storage room with washing machine. Facing upwards three staggered levels open up to the living room, a sleeping level with a double bed and a sleeping level with two single beds. The little tower room invites you to chill or work. The open staircase in the middle of the house connects all levels.

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast on your own doorstep - piazza feeling in the "Scheuergasse". Or end your day in the seating area with a good glass of Bergstrasse wine in the Old Barn Cottage.